The Metal Frame

My significant other had begun to feel the cramp of many months in the RV and winter was coming on, so we looked for something fast and easy. I found a used (UGH) mobile home that I could get cheap, and moved into that. By this time (late 1993) I had decided that wood studs were not ideal for a geodesic dome, especially in this climate. I could not find any straight studs anywhere, and had to warp them into place. I decided that metal studs would be more precise and started redesign. Distractions set in, and another year slipped by. Spring of 1995 found me sick of the cramped shoddy trailer, so I started making metal triangles.

Using a compound miter saw with a metal cutoff blade in it, I cut the ends of the 20ga. metal studs at the precise angle to form the tapered sides of the triangles, using a jig to "mass produce" the pieces needed. A three frequency icosahedron is made of two triangle sizes, so it was faster to cut many of the same part over and over, and then assemble them later. It took a couple of weeks of evenings to make all 105 triangles for the dome, assembling them with sheet metal screws.

I put up the bottom course of triangles, secured with sheet metal straps. At this point there were several major changes in my life, and this is the way it stayed for the next five years, until October 2000