On the weekend of November 9-10, 2002, we held a workshop with the intent of teaching everything necessary to make a framed papercrete geodesic dome, in two days.

Since we know that papercrete does not dry overnight, we prepared papercrete triangles ahead of time so that we could skip the long wait for them to dry.

Most of these triangles were molded in the six months prior to the workshop, and the last 35 were molded in one day in early October. The day after they were poured the sky opened up and it rained for the next two weeks. A few days after the rain finally stopped we were able to slide the triangles a few inches to break their contact with the sand they were poured on, and the drying speeded up. A couple of days later we were able to turn the triangles over and after another couple of days they dried enough to be lifted and stacked , on the 7th of November. That's cutting it close!

The workshop started with a tour of the dome where the workshop was held,

Spaceman's Dome Home
, and then a short history of papercrete presented by John Hall of Starship Enterprises and Sharon Eby-Martin of Sunstar Solutions.