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Early morning on the 28th, looking like a nice day. Lots of breakfast campfire smoke hanging in the meadows made me glad I picked a high point to camp. Also that most folks share campfires and don't add to the problem with lots of small individual campfires.

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That's my blue tent under the blue tarp. Not very many people around yet, but that was soon to change. This picture is the other 180 for the above one.

The always present "Visible Signs of Authority" keeping the crazy hippies in line. This group came through looking for the permit holder, no doubt to work out some clerical problem. He wasn't around anyway.

They stopped to chat with Robbie and Two Ravens for a while, and then off to barter square. The mounties seemed to have a fascination with barter square, I saw them there often.

Time for another trip up to the truck, need to go to Evanston and call folks. Saw this rock pile on the way out.

Hiking out the road, I noticed this nicely painted panel on somebelly's rolling home.

This is pretty high up. The trip to town went pretty fast.

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Supper circle on the 29th was pretty high, too. Population was growing fast at this time, with a steady stream of people coming in main trail. Click the picture to see a larger version.

Lovin ovens always have their act together, baking in the woods at its best.

The meter got a lot higher than this.

While I was near Lovin Ovens getting water, I heard some good music coming from around the campfire. Pulling out my mini disc, I asked if it was OK to record. No problem, as long as I do not use names on the internet. Those recordings are at Rainbow 2003 Recordings in mp3 format.

Musical Veggie was getting set up with their trademark bamboo racks.

A simple low impact shelter made from available onsite materials.

Not enough support for a mud coating, though.

This yurt looks small from outside, but is surprisingly roomy inside.

A 2 frequency hemisphere, like the ones sold by Pacific Domes. Cool but expensive.