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Here's where I live, right by the Hueco Mountains in west Texas.

I don't usually dress like this, but sometimes you have to make an exception..

Now this is more like normal for me!

The sunsets here are wonderful. Click on these images to see a fullsize Jpeg


I enjoy playing with computers and graphics, and lately I have been experimenting with 3D pictures. Now, I don't mean those SIRD's that you see in all the malls! I thought those were really amazing until I found the real thing, which has been around for a long time. Stereo photography has been around almost as long as photography, and used to be very popular, but you almost never see it now.

All of the 3D images here are wall-eyed view. If you can only view crosseyed, use a photo editor to swap the images.


Click on these thumbnails to view larger images.

To view these images in 3D, you need to adjust the size until it is around 5" wide. Then, slightly diverge your eyes until the images overlap and you see three images. The center one will be in 3D. The images are almost identical, but not quite.

All of these pictures were taken in the Franklin Mountains at a place called Whispering Springs. If you look really hard, you can see the Hueco Mountains and the Guadalupe Mountains in the background of the second one.

Here are a few more that weren't taken at Whispering Springs.

I think this is a great way to get the feeling of depth in your pictures, and it is vastly superior to flat photography. There are several stereo cameras around - they are mostly expensive. I have heard that there is a disposable stereo camera available. I have not yet seen it in a store. I am not fond of disposable things anyway, so I doubt that I would use one if I did find it. I use a manual method to make stereo pictures with a standard camera. It's not hard, and if you would like to know how, email me and I'll explain.

I like to hang out with the Rainbow Family of Living Light. If you don't know what the Rainbow Family is, check it out. You just might find out that you are Rainbow too.


1998 Arizona Continental Gathering

Once upon a time, a guy sold me a box of motorcycle parts. It took some work, but it turned out to be a

Triumph TR6C


is the noise he made when he ran into things as a kitten


There are lots of rainbows in the world.

I took these pictures, and they belong to me, but you can download them and use them for your own enjoyment as long as you don't sell them or use them commercially.

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