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Igsplitch's Home Page

You can email me at:


Hello! This is my homepage. I hope you like it and I hope you have fun looking at all my pictures and things!

I'm Igsplitch or Iggy and I live in West Texas.

I really like Marvin the Martian as you can probobly tell...

This is me!!

This is a cell of most of Marvin's emotions.

This is Marvins dog K-9.

This is Marvin and K-9 working as a team against Daffy Duck.

Here is K-9 getting mad at Marvin.

This is my favorite picture.

This picture isn't Marvin but it's still cool i guess.

Who cares?

I took all these pictures off the internet but if they belong to you please tell me and i will take them off.